Epicuren Scrubs

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Epicuren scrubs are designed to thoroughly refine, smooth, exfoliate and polish the skin on your face and body. Using natural, vegan ingredients like nut extracts, fruit oils and plant extracts, these scrubs are potent but still gentle enough for all skin types. Epicuren facial and body scrubs are different because they use all-natural, eco-friendly emollients and exfoliants like bamboo micro-crystals and finely ground fruit seeds to polish skin and slough away pore-trapped free radicals.

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Epicuren Scrubs

 We carry a broad selection of potent Epicuren body scrub, including the indulgent Epicuren Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub that softens and soothes skin all over while emitting a light but alluring aroma. We also offer beneficial Epicuren facial scrubs and exfoliants, like Epicuren Apricot Facial Scrub and Epicuren Tri-Crystal Microderm Scrub, that are formulated to help renew and refine aging skin while still ensuring that it is well-hydrated. Skincare By Alana offers free shipping on all U.S. orders of Epicuren scrubs.