Epicuren Moisturizers

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With natural fruit and plant extracts plus a host of other nutrient-rich ingredients, each Epicuren moisturizer is formulated for deep hydration that helps restore your skin from the inside out. Epicuren offers an assortment of safe, beneficial moisturizing skin care products, including serums, creams and gels that are uniquely formulated to restore a healthy level of moisture to the skin without causing excessive hydration, redness or oily skin.

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Epicuren Moisturizers


Top Epicuren products, like Epicuren Noni Elixir, Epicuren Hydroplus and Epicuren Bulgarian Rose Otto, contain innovative and pure ingredients that naturally nourish the skin at every level. Healing botanical extracts like Bulgarian rose oil, chamomile leaf oil and rosemary work alongside refreshing fruit extracts and nourishing vitamin complexes to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs for a healthy, happy glow. Epicuren moisturizers not only restore skin hydration, they also help combat common skin concerns like fine lines, puffiness, redness and wrinkles.




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