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Epicuren offers a wide variety of products infused with Brazilian propolis extract, a deeply nourishing mixture produced by Brazilian honeybees. This all-natural, cruelty-free additive helps alleviate skin infections and troubled skin by inhibiting blemish-causing bacteria and restoring the pH balance of the skin. Skincare By Alana offers many skin-enhancing Epicuren propolis products, including Pure Propolis Concentrate, Propolis Lotion, Propolis Mist and Propolis Serum Moisturizer.

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Epicuren Brazilian Propolis


Epicuren has also developed unique health and hair care products that are infused with Brazilian propolis, including Epicuren Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner that effectively clears away product buildup on the strands of the hair and scalp. Epicuren also offers a propolis-infused throat spray that soothes, moistens and protects irritated, dry throats. Please note that propolis products are not recommended for people with bee or bee-related allergies.