Environ Intensive

Under company policy, Environ skin care products cannot be ordered without consultation with an Environ trained skin care professional. Give us a call at 888-222-0637 to speak with your trained professional today!

The Environ Skin Care Intensive range of products is exactly that - intense.  Each product in the line targets a specific dermatologic or aesthetic concern, such as dry, dehydrated skin, menopausal skin, sun-damage, hyper-pigmentation, sensitive skin, oily skin, problematic skin, and breakouts.

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The Environ Intensive Range


Intended for those who hope to get maximum benefits from their skin care regimen, the Environ Intensive range infuses the skin with vitamins and nutrients that target various skin conditions to eliminate specific problems.  Each product uses special active ingredients that boost the solution to your unique concerns for faster, more effective results.  


With several products in the Environ Intensive range, you’ll have no trouble finding one that targets your specific skin concern.  


If you suffer from patchy, blotchy skin or hyper-pigmentation issues, try the Environ Intensive Retinol series of boosters.  Available in three strengths as your skin builds tolerance to their powerful dose of vitamin A, these treatments target uneven skin, lift away discoloration, and provide an even, brilliant skin tone.


If you have dry, dehydrated skin, try Environ Intensive Super Moisturizer.  Featuring a powerfully hydrating blend of moisturizers, this lotion heals damaged skin, soothes irritation associated with dryness, and promotes the healing process rejuvenate the complexion.


If you deal with congested skin and unfortunate breakouts, try the Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Cream or Gel.  These treatments work to exfoliate away dead skin cells and other causes of clogged pores for a clear, gorgeous complexion.  


The Environ Skin Care Intensive line even contains a hair and scalp treatment, Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic, that absorbs easily into the hair and scalp for healthier hair, less dry skin and dandruff, and a more vibrant mane.


As with the entire line of Environ Skin Care products, the Intensive line cannot be ordered online, so call Skin Care by Alana today to speak with a product expert, and place an order.



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