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Everyone has different skin.  On top of that, the needs of your skin change on a constant basis.  Dermalogica Targeted Treatments allow you to address these needs specifically with powerful products that yield faster results.  
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Targeted Treatments are strong treatments that deal with a vast array of skin issues including fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and eyes, oiliness and pore-blockage in the T-Zone, hyperpigmentation (age spots), and sensitive skin areas.


Through a technologically advanced, patented Face Mapping skin analysis, Dermalogica designed its targeted treatments to meet the zone-by-zone needs of your skin.  By looking at the various areas of your space specifically, Dermalogica was able to engineer Targeted Treatments specifically effective in correcting specific problems in specific areas.  The need for this arises due to the fact that each skin area of your face is unique, so using the same product on all of them just doesn’t make sense.  Not only that, your skin is constantly changing, so Targeted Treatments are also designed to deal with the ever changing demands of your skin.


Free from artificial color, fragrance, alcohol, lanolin, and mineral oil, Targeted Treatments are void of irritating ingredients that may sensitize your skin.  


Whether you want healthier hands and nails, a solution for dry lips, or you’ve begun to notice formation of crown lines, Targeted Treatments includes a product for you.  It’s not hard to see that each of these areas is very different.  Similarly, it’s not hard to conclude that each of theses areas deserves a Targeted Treatment designed specifically to deal with that area.  


Dermalogica Targeted Treatments are each as unique as you are.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is not a specific solution to a specific skin problem with which you are dealing.  Try the Targeted Treatments, and you’ll see how effective they can be!


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