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Dermalogica moisturizers and creams represent the standard in the skin care industry.  Proven over time and through consistently positive reviews, these moisturizers provide the perfect balance of moisture for your skin, no matter your skin type.

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Dermalogica moisturizers work on two separate but equally important levels.  First, they regulate the skin’s water balance by contributing moisture and improving the skin’s ability to absorb moisture.  This ensures is neither too oily nor too dry.  Second, they manage your skin concerns by improving problematic skin conditions.  This ensures that your skin looks its best every day.


But that’s not all!  Dermalogica moisturizers do more than just hydrate dehydrated skin.  For instance, emollients keep the skin soft and smooth, regulate dryness, reduce oiliness, and protect the skin against external factors, such as wind, sun, and debris.


No matter your skin type, Dermalogica offers a moisturizer for you.  Perhaps you have oily skin and are afraid that a moisturizer will just contribute to the problem.  Dermalogica offers moisturizers specific to your oily skin that increase the water content of your skin without contributing to any increased oiliness.  More than that, they contain micro-sponges that actually absorb oil while donating water on the skin’s surface.  Also, it’s important to remember, dehydration is the absence of water, not oil, from your skin.


After using Dermalogica moisturizers, your skin will feel refreshed and soft to the touch.  That shiny, oily look will disappear and be replaced with a fresh, vibrant glow.  And beneath the surface, your skin will be happier because it’s healthier.  


Dermalogica moisturizers are designed specifically to protect the skin’s natural defense mechanisms against the environment while simultaneously inhibiting a loss of moisture from the sin.  And no matter your skin problems or condition, there’s a Dermalogica moisturizer ready to improve your skin’s health.  


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