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Dermalogica Masques are designed to be used along with your regular skin care regimen two to three times per week to dramatically enhance  the health and appearance of your skin and help you solve those nagging skin problems.  Intense and invigorating, these masques boost your skin dramatically, purifying it, hydrating it, and helping to heal and protect it from environmental damage. 
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There was a time when masques were thought of as merely tools to tighten the skin, but those days are long gone.  Sometimes that kind of tightening came at the expense of drying out the skin.  Instead, Dermalogica views masques as multifaceted tools that help the skin recover from damage, invigorate the skin with vitamins, nourish the skin with moisture, and even clear away bacteria that may lead to acne. 

Add these powerful masques to your skin care routine only two to three times a week, and you will begin to notice dramatic results almost instantly.  Your skin will look more vibrant and feel soft and supple to the touch.  It only takes ten minutes to make a difference you and others will notice.  


Dermalogica makes five different masques for varying skin types, so there is guaranteed to be one that works for you.  If your problem is oily skin and breakouts, then the Sebum Clearing Masque is perfect.  If you deal with dry skin, the Skin Hydrating Masque is what you need.  If your skin is red and irritated, try the Ultra Calming Relief Masque.  If you are looking to infuse your skin with a vitamin treatment, try the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque.  Or if you are searching for a deep clean, use the Skin Refining Masques.  All these masques are uniquely engineered to give you exactly what your skin needs no matter your problem or skin type. 


Maximize your results by adding Dermalogica Masques to your weekly skin care regimen!


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