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Dermalogica’s line of exfoliants are sure to brighten your skin, leaving it refreshed, clean, and healthy.  Whether you use a Dermalogica scrub or a hydroxy-acid base, these exfoliants are sure to remove dulling skin cells to reveal your vibrant, healthy skin.

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Human skin is constantly recycling itself.  Producing about 1.25 million skin cells per hour, the deep layers of the skin are constantly pushing these new cells upward.  This means that the dead, surface layers have to go somewhere before the new, young, and healthy skin cells can be exposed.  These dead, surface cells contain dirt, debris, and other pollutants that keep the skin from being its healthiest.  That’s where Dermalogica exfoliants come in.  They work to remove the dead skin cells and ensure that only the best are exposed.


The older you get, the less efficient your body is at shedding these dead skin cells, which is why it is particularly important to exfoliate regularly.  Dermalogica exfoliants minimize the signs of aging, soften age spots, and remove dead skin cells that contribute to discoloration and a blotchy appearance.  Translation - your skin will be cleaner, healthier, and appear more youthful!


Dermalogica exfoliants are chemical (lactic acid and salicylic acid), dissolving the inter-cellular glue that binds skin cells together.  This frees dead skin cells for removal.  They are much different than the traditional exfoliating scrubs, which contain ingredients that scratch the skin, removing dead cells through friction.  This isn’t true exfoliation as it works more like sandpaper than skin treatment.


Dermalogica exfoliants are truly necessary for any skin care regimen.  They remain a favorite of my customers and some of my best selling items.  In addition, Dermalogica exfoliants are designed to work with all skin types and conditions, so there is guaranteed to be a product that is right for you.



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