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Dermalogica Concentrated Boosters provide you with the opportunity to enhance your skin care results by intensifying the attention to where your skin needs it.  Used in conjunction with a Dermalogica daily skin care regimen, Concentrated Boosters work to customize your moisturizer for dramatic results.  

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Customize your daily skin care regimen with Boosters!  These versatile and powerful serums are designed to meet the changing needs of your skin and enhance the effect of moisturizers.  Professionals have been doing this for years, and after you try the, you’ll see that just 10 seconds a day and five to seven drops of serum will dramatically enhance the power of your skin care regimen.


Dermalogica Concentrated Boosters are designed to be a daily part of skin care.  By combatting your skin’s negative reactions to weather, sun, and debris externally as well as hormonal imbalances and stress internally, they enhance the effects of the other Dermalogica products you use to maximize results - a powerful combination.  


Use with Dermalogica cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliants, and more, and you will see your skin come alive.  It will look radiant, feel supple, and be healthy inside and out.  


Dermalogica has five Boosters in the line.  The Extra Firming booster provides extra firming and toning to areas that have a tendency to sag.  If your skin is damaged, the Gentle Soothing Booster has calming and healing effects.  The Skin Hydrating Booster is an intense moisturizer that ensures your skin gets and retains the water it needs.  The Skin Renewal Booster soothes skin and renews its appearance.  And the Special Clearing Booster is specifically designed to combat acneic skin and reduce blemishes.  Each is specifically engineered to deal with a specific issue, meaning you can find exactly what you need to ensure you are getting the most out of your Dermalogica regimen.



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