About Iluminage 

 In 1991 Dr. Eckhouse became the inventor and patent holder of IPL, intense pulsed light, technologies. Over the next decade, this technology became the golden standard for non-invasive beauty procedures. However, limitations like pigment scarring, poor targeting, and penetration depth left the IPL technology room for improvement.

Then in 2000, Dr. Michael Kreindel invented the electro-optical synergy, also known as Elos. Elos is an RF, radiofrequency, and optical energy technology. Together, they began pioneering effective professional medical-aesthetic devices that met safety and efficacy standards. 

Following the combination of Dr. Eckhouse and Dr. Kreindel's inventions, the Iluminage company began its journey in 2000.

Today, the Iluminage brand is considered the leading company in this field with energy-based consumer aesthetic products being sold across the globe. 

The Mission

With design and development at the forefront, the products the brand produces are based on clinically proven results and technology. 

The Iluminage aesthetic products are modeled after professional in-office aesthetic devices. 

The mission for Iluminage is creating a range of products like FDA-cleared anti-aging devices to permanent hair reduction systems which can be used from the comfort of home! 


Iluminage TOUCH

The Iluminage brand has created a patented dual wave technology that provides at-home permanent results for all skin types, skin tones, and hair colors.

The Iluminage Touch is the only FDA-cleared technology that is a permanent hair reduction system. In just two treatments, this device minimizes hair growth with permanent hair removal results seen in as little as two weeks and a 94% hair reduction seen in 7 weeks.

The Iluminage system uses intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) to reach down the hair shaft and into the hair follicle. 

The dual wave technology is effective on all hair colors, including dark hair, brown hair, dark blonde hair, blonde hair, red hair, and white hair.

Achieving lasting home results without laser hair removal is possible with the Iluminage touch permanent hair removal system! You'll see unwanted hair removed and smooth skin to boot.

Elōs key details

Notable facts about the Elos technology include:

  • The use of radiofrequency performs in combination with optical energy to create a stable heat and energy source.
  • The technology only targets areas that are preheated by optical energy.
  • When compared to lasers and IPL alone, this technology uses energy at a level that is safe for all skin types and skin tones.
  • Provides optimal penetration without harming the skin's epidermis

Customer Reviews

"As Good As Salon Treatment! You have to stick to doing the treatment for several weeks, but if you do, you get long-term hair reduction and for so much less than paying for a salon person to do multiple treatments! Easy device to use." - Lilliam

"Fantastic. Best thing I've ever done! Completely painless!! Effective!! Easy and quick to use. Wish I had bought this years ago! It's so much fun I am addicted to using it! Big bad black hairs all gone" - Kirstine A

"Works on all skin types I was very reluctant to buy this due to having darker skin than most lasers will work on but after 3 sessions hair reduction is very apparent. I do recommend"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Iluminage Beauty Best Sellers?

Iluminage Touch At Home Permanent Hair Reduction System (FDA-Cleared) - All Skin Tones

Iluminage Touch is the only at-home hair removal device to use patented elōs technology. It's clinically proven, safe, and effective for all skin tones, and provides permanent results.

Iluminage Touch Quartz Replacement Cartridge

With 120,000 pulses of hair removal technology, you'll continue to see results with this replacement cartridge.

Iluminage At-Home Skin Smoothing Anti-Aging Laser (FDA-Cleared),

Achieve smoother, younger-looking skin with the Iluminage At-Home Skin Smoothing Anti-Aging Laser. An FDA-cleared and clinically proven technology reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Where can I purchase Iluminage Beauty products?

Search our online store,, and shop for Iluminage products here! We are a proud authorized retailer and we only sell the best authentic Iluminage products on our site!

Does Iluminage Touch work for hair reduction?

Yes, it does. You'll see 94% hair reduction in as little as seven weeks.

Does Iluminage Touch work on white hair?

Yes, this system works on white hair.

Does the Intense Pulsed Light technology work for permanent hair removal?

After multiple treatments, the patented dual wave technology is clinically proven to provide up to 94% hair reduction in 7 weeks and 46% of all hair removed after just two treatments.

Is this similar to laser hair removal?

The Iluminage brand uses patented dual wave technology to reduce unwanted hair. Whereas laser hair removal involves a laser heating hair follicle for hair reduction.

Do the Iluminage products work on red and blond hair?

Yes, the Iluminage touch system works for red hair, blonde, and dark blonde hair.

Are Iluminage products safe for all skin tones?

Yes, they are safe and effective for all skin tones.

What anti-aging products does this brand offer?

The Iluminage brand offers a few anti-aging products for the face, hands, and feet:

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Gloves and Socks with Anti-Aging Copper Technology
  • Copper has been know to improve the appearance of wrinkles and age spots over time.
Iluminage Youth Activator Infrared LED & Radio Frequency Anti-Aging Device
  • A face lift in the plan of your hand. This device smooths and lifts the skin around the neck and jaw while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

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