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Ah, toner. The in-between step that creates a fresh surface for all other products to absorb. What’s not to love about such an easy-to-do step? For us, very little. Sure, there are days when the idea of adding some toner to an applicator and swiping over our face seems tedious, but we never complain when the outcome is shiny, glowing skin. 

Such is the case with the easy-to-use, high-quality toners by Face Reality. All of the Face Reality toner options have been made to not only be a welcomed addition to their family of face reality products, but target individual skin needs. Pretty much a win-win. 

Before we go on and introduce you to the various Face Reality products, let’s first touchbase on the overall benefits of toner (in case you’re not fully sure or need a brushin’ up):

  1. Toners help to remove any dirt and grime stuck in the pores; This includes any environmental pollutants too, like smoke or smog. The result? It helps to keep your skin clean and complexion balanced. 

  2. Toners can help to get rid of any excess cleanser that may stick to your skin, ensuring a perfectly clear palette. 

  3. Toners can help to keep your skin’s pH level balanced. Skin likes to be more basic than acidic, since when it’s acidic, breakouts happen. The beauty of toners is that they can help create an equilibrium of happiness to ensure smooth skin. 

Now that’s covered, let’s hop into it and discuss some of the top toners that Face Reality offers!

Face Reality Moisture Balance Toner: This toner is a match made in heaven for those of you who have mature skin or dry skin. It contains moisturizing and hydrating properties thank to Face Reality ingredients that are top-notch to give your skin a radiant glow.

Face Reality Calming Facial Toner: If you have normal skin or trend towards drier, the face reality calming toner is a great choice for you. Its product list is complete with Aloe Leaf Extract, and Rose Water to intrinsically go in and relax your complexion. You’ll marvel at the youthful appearance of your skin post-use.

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