Do you currently use a serum or are you looking to start using one? If your answer to either is yes, then you’ve landed on the right page. Serums are a must-have addition to anyone’s skincare regimen. These products work to help target specific skin issues, and do so in an extremely nourishing way.

There are several benefits to using a serum, allow us to go through some of our favorite ones: 

1. Targeted treatment. Most serums will have different ingredients to do different things. If you’re seeking something for dry skin, you can look for serums with Hyaluronic Acid. If you suffer from acne, you can find the addition of mandelic acid extremely helpful. 

2.Helps defy aging. Ever wanted to treat your skin to an anti-aging treat? Serums are the way to go. They are usually jam-packed with antioxidants to help fight off free radicals that cause damage to the skin. 

3. Environmental and sun protection. There are key ingredients added to serums that help combat day-to-day stressors on the skin to maintain a youthful glow.

Face Reality understands the importance of serum in your day-to-day routine. For this reason, the Face Reality face products offering extends to include them. No matter what your targeting, the face reality ingredients can lend a hand. 

Let’s go through the top serums: 

Face Reality Vitamin A Corrective Serum: If you’re looking for a product that contains all the benefits of Vitamin A without the potential irritation, this is for you. Containing the key ingredient Retinal, a microencapsulated version of Retinyaldehyde, it can help reduce fine lines, and quell breakouts. 

Face Reality Peptide Serum: Anyone with aging skin will find this serum helpful. Meant to rejuvenate and starve off acne breakouts, it’s a little powerhouse. The proprietary formula reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 

Face Reality Mandelic Serum 8: If you’re dealing with acne, you’ll want to use this serum. Packed with 8% Mandelic Acid, this serum will help to gently exfoliate the pores to reduce buildup. Plus, even if you don’t suffer from acne, the presence of Niacinamide will give your skin a potent boost of antioxidants.

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