Dermaquest Sensitive Skin & Redness

Dermaquest Skin Therapy recognizes that the problem of redness and sensitive skin is a unique one with variant causes and traits, so they’ve developed a line of products designed specifically to treat your unique skin condition and provide your skin with the nutrients and tools it needs to prevent future problems.  
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Sensitive skin and redness often go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean that the cause is always the same.  Some redness may be due to oily skin, breakouts, and acne.  Other redness may stem from rosacea or skin sensitive to the sun.  At the same time, some people are just born with sensitive skin. 


Even those with the most sensitive skin deserve to be pampered.  Whether your skin has always been naturally sensitive or you have specifically environmental triggers, the Sensitized Collection from Dermaquest Skin Therapy is specially crafted to purify and revitalize even the most sensitive skin.  Including a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a serum, the Sensitized Collection gently nourishes skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs without over-drying or stripping the skin of its essential oils.  With the Dermaquest Skin Therapy Sensitized Collection, even the most delicate skin gets the royal treatment.


Redness, no matter the cause, is less than ideal.  Although we all want our skin to glow, this this isn’t the type of glow we’re talking about.  If you have red, irritated skin from acne, sun-sensitivity, or other causes, Dermaquest Skin Therapy can help.  Including ingredients with calming, soothing qualities, Dermaquest replenishes the skin with nutrition and moisture to replace redness with healthy glow.  And if redness is due to an underlying condition, Dermaquest offers products designed to treat the condition and minimize redness as a symptom.  You can’t change everything about your skin, but you can treat your skin with products that effectively deal with your sensitive or red skin with Dermaquest Skin Therapy. 


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