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Pamper those dry, overworked hands with deep-penetrating Derma E hand and body lotions now available at affordable prices from Skincare by Alana. Full-spectrum vitamin E moisturizes and heals as it primes your skin to lock in moisture. Derma E's hand creams have rich with cranberry seed and red palm oil, too. Read More....
Derma E body lotions are lightweight and non-greasy. Apply these dry skin solutions throughout the day to show off soft, beautiful hands. These creams in jars or tubes are free of petrolatum and lanolin that can irritate sensitive skin.

We research and test all products in our premium skin care collections to ensure happy customers. That's why we're the trusted name in face, hand and body skin care solutions. Enjoy a free sample of our premium brands with every purchase. Sign up for free gifts and discounts, too.


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