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Offering the best in anti-aging skin treatments, Cellex-C provides advanced formulas with top-quality active ingredients that yield remarkable results.  Used regularly, synergistically, and as directed, the Cellex-C line of anti-aging products provides smoother skin, a softer surface, a firmer complexion, and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.  Working on multiple levels to turn back the clock on your skin, the Cellex-C Anti-Aging line products are incredibly effective.
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Cellex-C Anti-Aging


Around the age of 20, the aging process begins.  Skin cells begin to produce less collagen and elastin, and the skin loses elasticity.  In addition, external factors such as the sun damage the skin, and it is unable to restore itself at the rate necessary to completely heal itself.  The result of these intrinsic and extrinsic processes is aging.  Fine lines and wrinkles form, discoloration develops, the skin starts to sag, and the skin loses its youthful luster.  While this is a somewhat inevitable process, there are things you can do to age gracefully, and Cellex-C is here to help you do just that.  


Each of the products in the Cellex-C anti-aging line of products gets to the root of aging skin.  With regard to cellular production of collagen and elastin, Cellex-C products stimulate skin cell activity and improve cellular metabolism, increasing their production of elastic fibers to reduce fine line and wrinkles while toning the complexion.  

With regard to discoloration, Cellex-C uses vitamin C and other skin brighteners to lift away dark spots, interrupt the skins formation of melanin, and brighten the overal complexion of the skin for a uniformly bright skin tone.


With regard to sagging skin, Cellex-C tones the skin and improves elasticity, firming facial contours for tighter, firmer skin with a more youthful appearance.


Finally, with regard to protection, the Cellex-C Anti-Aging line is packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants to protect it from free radical and environmental damage that leads to aging.


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