Clayton Shagal Face, Hand & Body Moisturizers




Clayton Shagal Hand and Body Moisturizers represent the best in quality.  Scientifically engineered and tested to maximize moisture intake by your skin, these moisturizers provide supreme hydration, ensuring your skin is healthy.  At the same time, they leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple.

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Clayton Shagal Hand and Body Lotion


These hand and body moisturizers are designed for all skin types.  Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or aging skin, Clayton Shagal has the right product for you.  Furthermore, these products are non-fragranced, so they will neither leave you with an unpleasant residual smell nor irritate your skin with perfumes and dyes.  


Is your skin irritated?  Then Clayton Shagal Body Cream is the solution.  The body lotion gently soothes the skin, leaving you with a cool, refreshed feeling.  In addition, by giving your skin the proper moisture balance, the Body Cream helps heal your skin from its ailments and protect it from further irritation.


Enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, Clayton Shagal Hand Cream also works for all skin types.  Your hands are exposed the elements all day long.  More than that, you have no choice but to use them to pick things up, put things down, clean, and more.  The Hand Cream works to keep your hands healthy in spite of the daily grind they endure.  It restores suppleness to even the driest skin parts.  More than that, it promotes healthy nail growth, prevents nails from splitting, and softens and reduces cuticles.


The Classic Creams line from Clayton Shagal continues to demonstrate their commitment to quality.  Whether you need the Acnose Cream to combat oily, acneic skin or Placyderm cream to help promote healing of your damaged skin, these creams do wonders. Designed to treat all conditions and skin types, Clayton Shagal offers a wide array of options to ensure that your skin gets exactly what it needs.





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