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Clayton Shagal’s masks are designed to improve the health of your skin through balanced moisturization and the provision of valuable nutrients to all the layers of your skin.  After use, your skin will appear toned, feel soft and supple, and shine brightly along with your smile.

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About Clayton Shagal Masks


The Moisturizing Mask is perfect for dry, aging, or mature skin due to its amazing hydrating capabilities.  Using a bio-engineered hydrocomplex, Clayton Shagal’s Moisturizing Mask is formulated to enhance the activity of products destined to nourish the dermal layer of the skin.  Moisture balance is enhanced by non-comedogenic ingredients.  After use, your skin will feel as soft as ever, and you, along with your skin, will be refreshed. 


Designed for slightly sensitive skin and oily, problematic skin, the AHA Exfoliating Mask is a creamy formulation that improves the appearance of skin by removing blotchy patches and uneven tone.  By reducing the buildup of dead skin cells, the AHA Exfoliating Mask encourages clear skin with a bright appearance and the pink complexion that you picture when you think of healthy skin.  As with all Clayton Shagal products, the AHA Exfoliating Mask leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.


Using natural ingredients, the Cucumber and Avocado Mask is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants in order to impart supreme moisture on the skin’s surface.  The cucumber works to soothe and calm irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin while the avocado oil contains a natural humectant, which binds moisture into surface layers of the skin.  The end result is brighter, healthier skin that is nourished and soft to the touch.   


Use these masks to feel refreshed and look radiant, and you will not be disappointed.  The Clayton Shagal truly do work to enhance every aspect of the skin - health, appearance, moisture, and feel, and because they are designed for all skin types, they will work perfect for you also.



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