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Everyone needs a great cleanser, and Clayton Shagal makes the perfect one for you.  Their line of cleansers deep cleans the skin without over-drying to ensure you’re left with vibrant, supple, healthy inside-and-out skin.
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About Clayton Shagal Cleansers  


The Milk Cleanser is a one-step cleanser, toner, and makeup remover that gently removes makeup and eliminates the skin’s impurities.  This cleanser is designed to maximize comfort for normal to dry skin types, and its rich, smooth, velvety texture leaves the skin feeling vibrant and smooth while looking radiant and clean. 


Maybe you are someone who deals with oily skin and acne.  If that is the case, then Clayton Shagal’s Acnose Lotion Cleanser is the perfect solution for your skin ailments.  Without over drying and leaving your skin without the moisture it needs, the Acnose Lotion Cleanser controls breakouts and reduces oiliness, all while providing an invigorating and soothing sensation upon use.


The Gel Lotion Cleanser also is a one-step cleanser, toner, and makeup remover.  Designed specifically to ensure comfort for sensitive and oily skin types, the Gel Lotion Cleanser easily removes waterproof mascara, eye liner, and all makeup.  It also works excellently as a shaving gel, leaving your skin free from irritation and silky smooth.  As with the rest of Clayton Shagal’s cleansers, this one refreshes and soothes your skin to make you feel your best. 


All it takes is a pea-sized drop of any of these cleansers, and you will be on your way to new, healthy, and amazing-feeling skin.  By providing deep cleansing without over-drying and with just the right touch of moisture, the Clayton Shagal cleanser will not fail to satisfy.  And because they are designed for all types of skin, whether you deal with oily skin, dry skin, or irritated skin, there is a product that is designed specifically for you.



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