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In order to ensure the healthiest skin and maximize the results of using Clayton Shagal’s In-Depth Moisturizers, you must remove all dirt particles and  cellular debris.  These substances stand in the way of you and healthy skin by preventing the skin from breathing properly.  That is exactly why you must try Clayton Shagal’s line of exfoliants, which are needed on a regular basis to enhance the skin’s natural glow and prepare the skin to absorb the valuable nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy.  
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About Clayton Shagal Scrubs




Clayton Shagal makes three exfoliating scrubs.  The Oat Bran Scrub is designed to be used on all skin types, but it works especially well with sensitive skin.  Oat bran casings in the scrub gently remove oils, impurities, and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to leave your skin clean and revived.  These oat bran particles improve suppleness and reduce irritation and prepare the skin for penetration with nourishing products.




If oily skin is your issue, try the AHA scrub, which works amazing for senescent skin, dehydrated skin, or blotchy complexions.  While reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the AHA scrub promotes skin health by preparing the skin to absorb value moisture and nutrients.  After you use the AHA exfoliant, your skin will appear light, bright, and satin-like.




The Bamboo & Honey Exfoliant is lightly fragranced to remind you of a tropical vacation.  This cream based scrub has mild grains, providing an amazing combination of superb exfoliating properties with emollient factors.  Working on all skin types, the Bamboo and Honey Exfoliant improves the vibrancy of your skin, leaving your skin refreshed and soothed.




Clayton Shagals exfoliating scrubs deep clean the skin, ridding it of any microscopic dirt, oil, grease, and debris that may blog pores and impede the skin from breathing.  Designed for all skin types, these exfoliants truly provide a perfect complement to the Clayton Shagal moisturizers.



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