Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus 50 ml

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Product Description

With an advanced formula that targets the signs of aging, Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus stimulates collagen production and utilizes powerful brighteners to even skin tone while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus 50 mlClayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus 50 ml
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Product Description

Perfect for infusing moisture into dry, dehydrated skin as well as for hydrating mature skin suffering from signs of aging, Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus injects moisture deep into the dermis.  Advanced ingredients then work to lock that moisture in, increasing the skin’s ability to retain its newfound hydration and stay healthy. and hydrated.

At the same time, powerful anti-aging formulations strengthen the skin, smoothing out fine lines and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  Increased collagen production by skin cells increases the skin’s elasticity, repairing sagging areas so they look firm, toned, and taut while simultaneously reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

And there’s more.  Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus includes brighteners and toners that adjust pigmentation so that it looks healthy and vibrant.  This powerful and effective gel lifts dark spots and evens skin tone to have your completion looking its best and brightest.  

As you age your body loses the ability to produce the same amount of collagen it did when you were younger.  Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus works to correct this problem.  Over time and with consistent use, it has a cumulative effect, stabilizing the skin so even less gel is needed to get the same amazing results. 

Recommended Skin Types

This product is perfect for mature and dry skin in both men and women.  Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus is an advanced formula that is appropriate only for tolerant skin types.  Be careful on sensitive skin, as the high concentration of active ingredients and collagen stimulators can irritate.    


  • Brighter, more even complexion
  • Reduced appearance of signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased collagen production leads to increased skin elasticity
  • Cumulative effect leads to long-lasting results

How to Apply

Apply a small amount of Collagen Gel Plus to cleansed skin, focusing on affected areas.  Use both in the morning and at night to maximize results. 



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