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Saving the Super Bowl with Skincare by Alana Discount

Tom Brady is going home with Gisele!

Well, It’s happening… the Giants and the Patriots face off in the Super Bowl. Impressed I know that? Don’t be. I’m not planning on watching it. I’m planning on redeeming the time every way I can think of and so should you with skincare by alana discount offers! The cheerleaders may have your man’s attention at […]

La Bella Donna Bachelor Makeup Winners and Losers

Rose Gold Collection

I just finished watching the third episode of season 16 and as much as I love the drama, my favorite part is analyzing their makeup and hair every week!  Some do a great job while others make me want to pause the Tevo and give them a full makeover. Here’s how to avoid their mistakes […]

Get Frosty with YoungBlood

Diana Agron goes subtle frosty

For whatever reason, women seem more confident working with golds, mauves and browns when it comes to putting together an eyeshadow look.  While this is a beautiful go-to for most days, don’t miss out on your opportunity to don flashy blues, iridescent whites and stunning silvers! Here’s my guide to getting the frosty look right! […]

Image Skincare Products – Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Image Skincare Products Let’s face the facts: Women want big beautiful eyes. And while I can’t help you change the genes you were born with, I can help you cheat the system with the help of makeup using Image Skincare Products. Here are the tricks that work best.   Curl Your Eyelashes Because of the […]

Epicuren Skincare Products And Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

New Mommy Mariah will need to find time to care for herself!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We all know what is around the corner… NEW YEARS! Ladies, it is time to start thinking about our Resolutions.  Have you ever thought of making a beauty one?  Instead of putting yourself last in 2012- make some time to love YOU! Here are some ideas to choose […]

Rhonda Allison Products and How to Take Your Makeup From Day to Night in 5 Minutes!

Rachel Bilson's ready for the night!

Wake up. Make yourself decent with Rhonda Allison Products. Get the kids and hubby ready for the day. Go to work. Go Christmas Shopping. Bake cookies for neighbors. Go back to the store for that thing you forgot. Wrap! Wrap! Crap! There’s a holiday party tonight! Sound familiar?  This season is insane.  And while I’d […]

Save Your Scent!

What about Nicole?

Along with looking great at a holiday party, a girl has to SMELL good! Never underestimate the power of scent!  How can you make your favorite perfume last all night?  Check it out!   How, Where, When and What you Apply Makes a Difference! How: Layering your fragrance will make the scent last longer. Layering […]