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How to Get High Cheek Bones With Proper Skincare Treatments

Love Rihanna's look!

High Cheek Bones, we all want them.  Problem is, we all weren’t blessed with them.  Thank God for makeup and Skincare treatments!  Create the look you’ve been envying with these film makeup artist tricks!    The way they do it in the movies:     It’s all about contouring.  Before starting this, start with a […]

La Bella Donna Bachelor Makeup Winners and Losers

Rose Gold Collection

I just finished watching the third episode of season 16 and as much as I love the drama, my favorite part is analyzing their makeup and hair every week!  Some do a great job while others make me want to pause the Tevo and give them a full makeover. Here’s how to avoid their mistakes […]

Rhonda Allison Products and How to Take Your Makeup From Day to Night in 5 Minutes!

Rachel Bilson's ready for the night!

Wake up. Make yourself decent with Rhonda Allison Products. Get the kids and hubby ready for the day. Go to work. Go Christmas Shopping. Bake cookies for neighbors. Go back to the store for that thing you forgot. Wrap! Wrap! Crap! There’s a holiday party tonight! Sound familiar?  This season is insane.  And while I’d […]

Holiday Gift Ideas

is Clinical Gift Set

Happy Cyber Monday!  If you’re like me, you’ve still got plenty of people on your list left to shop for. Well, look no further! I’ve got your guide to Great Gifts at the price you’re looking for (plus, we gift wrap for free!) All of these products can be used on multiple skin types and […]

How to Apply a Perfect Smokey Eye

Ashley Olsen

 I’m a firm believer that “Smokey Eye” is the ultimate sexy look every woman must try at least once in her life. In talking with some of you, the number reason I’m hearing for having never worn it is that you feel you don’t know how to do it.  Here is your guide to getting it right! […]

Make the Most of Your Makeup!

La Bella Donna

How to Apply Makeup the Right Way! If you’ve walked through a department store lately, by the time you reached the aggressive fragrance lady you were most likely a bit overwhelmed! There are a zillion gizmos, gadgets, and tools you apparently need to help you apply, mix, and dab makeup on your face. It’s enough […]

Ageless Beauty, Is Your Skin Looking Older or Tighter?


Foundation Tips for Older Women Ok, I could beat around the bush and call your skin something like, “mature” or “refined” but instead I’ll do you the honor of speaking plainly- you’re reading this because you’re worried your skin is looking older.  If spots, lines, and crow’s feet have been showing up in your photos and […]

Foundation Matching Tricks

Growing up, I spent hours and hours in Target trying to find the right foundation shade that would match my skin. I would repeat the phrase: “make sure the foundation matches your neck line”, but I never really understood how I could perfect this tip by myself. Now, after several years of applying makeup, I […]