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Rhonda Allison Products and How to Take Your Makeup From Day to Night in 5 Minutes!

Wake up. Make yourself decent with Rhonda Allison Products. Get the kids and hubby ready for the day. Go to work. Go Christmas Shopping. Bake cookies for neighbors. Go back to the store for that thing you forgot. Wrap! Wrap! Crap! There’s a holiday party tonight! Sound familiar?  This season is insane.  And while I’d love to take an hour to look perfect for every event, that is just not my life!  Here’s what I do when I have 5 minutes to make it work!


Rhonda Allison Products
Olivia Palermo’s fresh faced!

Rhonda Allison Products for A Quick Make-Up

1. Take a couple seconds to asses your makeup.  What has moved and what has stayed in place?


Rhonda Allison Products
Epicuren Hydrating Mist

2. Reactivate your foundation with a quick spritz of face hydrating mist. Epicuren’s Colostrum Hydrating Mist is packed with antioxidants and feels amazing on the skin!  .


3. With a makeup sponge, smooth out any lines or creases.


4. Lightly dab a cotton ball or facial tissue in makeup remover and clean up any smeared or smudged mascara or eyeliner.  Here’s a trick I learned back in high school 😉 – If you are out of the house and in a pinch, a tiny bit of lotion will do the trick.


Rhonda Allison Products
Ultimate Concealer lives up to it’s name!

5. Grab your concealer and sweep a little under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, a tiny on the chin and across the forehead. Blend! Blend! I rely on YoungBlood Ulitimate Concealer ($30) for all my on-the-go fixes. It’s creamy formula gives the heavy coverage I need by the end of the day and is easy to work with.


Rhonda Allison Products
Glo Minerals Eye Shadow

6. Next, shade your eyelids in one color from lash line to the crease.  Applying one color is not only quick; it makes for a great evening look.  Blend with your shadow brush. There’s a million shadows to choose from. Lately, I’ve been going for a mod look by using an all over Glo Minerals Shadow in Sea Shell ($18.50).


Rhonda Allison Products
Rachel Bilson’s ready for the night!

7. Add another coat of mascara.


Rhonda Allison Products
Glo Cream Blush

8. Take a cream blush in a bright color and dab it on the apples of your cheeks.  Blend for an instant pick me up!  Again, my go to is Glo Minerals. Their Cream Blush ($25.50) is vibrant without being over the top.


9. Finish the whole look off with a killer lip!  In general, a darker lip can instantly take a girl from day to night.  However, if you’ve chosen a darker shadow for #5, do your lips in a pretty neutral or pale gloss. I’m secretly hoping you go for a Red Lip this season. Read last week’s blog to find out how to get it right:)


Pretty simple, right?  One thing I would love to do, (but am not that organized at the moment) is get my makeup drawer in order so these items are easy to find in a rush. Maybe in the New Year! Good luck getting everything done this week with Rhonda Allison Products for make-up and skincare!



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Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!

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