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Pool & Sun Tips For A Safe & Healthy Summer!

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Yes, we know, summer time can be just as damaging (hair and skin-wise) as it is fun! But today I have some tips that will hopefully help clear up, slow down, or prevent some of your summer skincare woes, fun a safe, fun, and healthy summer experience! Are you ready for it? Good!

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Enjoy Your Summer!

Tips and tricks for a beautiful summer!Summertime Tip #1—If you are like me, you do not like the way chlorine affects your hair. Fear poolside BBQ’s and swim sessions no longer, there is a damage-preventing trick. Before jumping into any chlorine pool, soak your hair with tap water! This will prevent your hair from soaking up the chlorine and drying your hair out.

NOTE: This method is not magical – your hair will still, naturally, come into contact with the chlorine. It is simply a means of protecting your hair from the full force damage it would receive without the tap water trick.


Skincare by Alana brings you tips and tricks for a safer, healthier Summer!Summertime Tip #2–Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure! Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen does not begin to work immediately. For true protection, apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun! This gives it time to set in and start effect!


Summertime Tip #3–Keep sunscreen in the cooler… And maybe your cell phone too [I’m kidding of course, but it IS important to keep it somewhere cool]. Should you be using a natural and organic sun protection, cooler sunscreen helps extend the shelf life, and on a hot day it just plain feels good! Also, remember not to leave your cell phone under direct sunlight (especially in warmer temperatures), as this could cause damage to your battery! If you do happen to get experience overheated cell phone syndrome, DO try putting somewhere cool for a while–just make sure that somewhere cool is also somewhere dry!


Skincare by Alana brings you Tips and Tricks for a healthier summer!Summertime Tip #4—Don’t forget the bug repellant, and apply it BEFORE venturing into mosquito territory. On a recent vacation to Oregon I made the mistake of not applying my repellant beforehand, and was immediately bitten by a number of mosquitoes!

Forget your repellent or prefer a natural alternative? Use tea tree or lavender oil or products with these oils to naturally sooth bug bites.

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