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Makeup Tips For Every Occasion

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Below you will find great hair and makeup tips that I think everyone can benefit from.  These are ways to get the best look for different occasions. This will save you time and help you look better when you are trying to get ready for a big day!

When you are going on a date, try and have fun with your makeup. Create a look with your makeup that is sexy but still looks natural. Try keeping your makeup simple. Apply your foundation, eyeliner and mascara, and to liven up your look, add in a red lip-gloss! For your hair, create a smitten look by blow-drying to add volume. I love to use a round boar bristle brush while drying my hair at the roots. After I am done blow-drying, I use a volumizing spray to add bounce.

If you want to look professional at work while staying cute, just try to be yourself. Keep the experimenting of hair and makeup for your days off. These people see you every workday, so it is best to not do anything too drastic. Wear your regular makeup, keeping it subtle and simple. Try adding a clear gloss on the lips with a nice light brown eyeshadow (which looks good with any coloring.)

For a job interview, create an impacting impression to. Your look should be light but creative and do not go over the top with your makeup and hair. Keep the glitters, shimmers, gloss and sexy look for later. Try not to get hair on your face and keep the flyways and split ends away by using a serum. This look will definitely impress.

These tips will help to create new looks for you without having to constantly wonder “how should I do my makeup today?” Good luck! I personally use all of the lines we carry but am especially loving, La Bella Donna right now! This all mineral based makeup line keeps my makeup intact all day and looks great!

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