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From One Esthetician to Another as the Marinello Beauty Schools Shut Down

If you keep in time with the latest happenings in the Beauty Industry (or if you know anyone who is en route to obtaining any sort of beauty certification), you have likely heard about the recent shut down of Marinello School of Beauty’s 50+ campuses. While the jury is still out on what exactly caused the shut down, allegations of the school improperly allocating federal student aid money are the leading suspicion. Which of course, is a shame to both current and prospective beauty school students. So, what does the shut down mean and what are beauty school students to do? I hope my two cents might give a little insight (and hope) to all of those wondering!
From One Esthetician to Another as the Marinello Beauty Schools Shut Down
My Opinion. Its a shame that a lot of students will be left needing to find a credentialed school to continue their hours and course completion. So, how does one go about doing just that? Look for schools that will consider your hours and allow them to transfer. I did not run into any shut down issues during my time in Beauty School, but it is my hope that the hours of those students who were in progress at Marinello will be transferable.
My Suggestion. Look at all of your options! Some junior colleges offer fabulous (and cost effective) programs for obtaining various beauty industry certifications. If that is not an option for you, you can also look into private school options (this is what I did), family run operations and Paul Mitchell’s academy would be an example of this. Apprenticing is another amazing option, though this does typically involve more hours and you don’t receive “state board” training. Looking into all of these options is important – especially now that Marinello has shut down. I think all schools were crowded (even before the shut down), so moving fast and being diligent are going to be some serious strong suits.
My Experience & Insight.  I did not attend Marinello School of Beauty, I attended Career Academy of Beauty in Anaheim, California. And while I can say I loved my experience there, looking back I can say that ultimately beauty school is for completing hours and very basic aesthetic, cosmetology or manicurist education. The real education comes through hands on job and life experience! So, pay attention in school, work your hardest to be the best you can be, and find a mentor or work environment that will continue to foster your growth and education post-beauty school graduation.
I wish I could say that beauty schools are amazing and you learn so much with knowledgable instructors, but its not always that kind of place. You have to consider the fact that you are fulfilling a state requirement at a place of business. Yes, beauty schools make money from teaching.
The Takeaway. With the Marinello campuses shutting down, we are likely going to see the class size of other beauty schools rise. If you or someone you love is looking to get into a beauty school, don’t forget the value of a great mentor or hands-on experience! I wish I had the availability to open a beauty school and dedicate my time to teaching the art of skin care, because I would do it in a heartbeat. It just unfortunately isn’t in my near future plan.

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