Are You Taking the Right Steps to Care for Your Skin?

Studies have found that matching a good skin care regimen with a healthy lifestyle is the best way to slow the signs of aging.

Skin Care Quiz

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“Active” Skincare: The Fitness-Inspired Trend

Sometimes you don’t even know you have a problem until the world of advertising tells you so. Right now, terms like “high-performance” and “athletic-appropriate” and “sweat-proof” are popping up on makeup and skincare products everywhere. The trend definitely points to the fact that, as a society, we’re...

Everything You Need to Know About Full Spectrum Hemp in Skincare

Chances are, you’ve noticed the plethora of “420-inspired” businesses that have been sprouting up ever since more and more states (including my home state of California) have been legalizing the “devil’s lettuce.” This has also lead to an explosion in the popularity of its relatives, like CBD....

Can Acupuncture Help Your Skin?

You may have noticed lately that more and more people are turning to alternative medicine (or, Eastern medicine) in their search for health, wellness, and alleviation of their ailments. But while some practices, like salt therapy, seem relaxing and even fun, other practices, like acupuncture, seem a...