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Acne Treatment Tips for the Fall: By James E. Fulton Jr.

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I am so excited to have James E. Fulton Jr., MD, PhD, co-developer of Retin A, lead formulating consultant for Vivant Skin Care and a licensed practitioner of dermatology as a guest blogger here on Skincare by Alana! This week he writes about Acne Treatment Tips for Fall to help keep your skin looking beautifully clear despite the autumn elements! So, without further a do…Enjoy!

Acne Treatment Tips for the Fall: By James E. Fulton Jr.

Skincare expert Dr. James E. Fulton guest blogs about Anti-Acne tips for Fall!I always remind my patients that acne is worse in the fall, but better by spring. No one is sure why, but acne can flare up in the fall. Maybe it is due to the stress of going back to school or the stress of exams coming up. But some sufferers still flare up in the fall, even after they have graduated. Hormone levels rise in the fall – a study measuring the hormones in Parisian men showed that. Some women wear more make up in the fall, aggravating acne. No one really knows.

However, here are my acne treatment tips:

  1. Push your skin care program – put the Benzoyl Peroxide scrub cleanser on the affected area for, at least, 10 minutes before washing it off. This lets the BP absorb better and kill the bacteria.
  2. Apply your skin care program morning and night, just like brushing your teeth.
  3. Don’t forget the Ice! Ice compresses are healing – so when you feel the itch of a new pimple, ice it. It may heal internally.
  4. Study everyday – do not cram right before the exam.
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
  6. Stay on the South Beach (low glycemic) Diet: avoid sugar, white flour, white rice, white potatoes (eat the skin and forget the pulp). Eat anything red, green or yellow and nuts like almonds. In fact, I recommend carrying a bag of almonds for the snack time.

Good luck and I hope my acne treatment tips work for you!

James E. Fulton, Jr., MD, PhD

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