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Bioelements unveiled a line of high-quality men's skincare products to help guys achieve clean, clear, comfortable and smooth skin without having to dip into the ladies' skincare stash. Bioelements His is a complete line of quality men's skin products, including Bioelements His Pre-Shave Cleanser, Bioelements His Perfect Shave and Bioelements His Post-Shave Serum, that contain unique, nick-resistant additives to encourage an exceptionally comfortable shave. Additional enhancers, like peppermint oil and rosemary, refresh and comfort skin before and after shaving.
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The line also includes the potent Bioelements His Volcanic Mud Soap that contains detoxifying volcanic mud, exfoliating oatmeal and hydrating natural oils to support smooth, soft and healthy skin all over your body. These are simple, subtly aromatic men's products that are made to help men think differently about the way they shave, bathe and cleanse. All of these products are designed for use by people with all skin types.


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