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Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz

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Product Description

Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz is a cleansing product that incorporates both natural purifiers which contain hydrating and nourishing elements that will rejuvenate your skin and leave it looking great.

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Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1ozAlex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz
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  • Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream
  • Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz
  • Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz
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Product Description:

It removes all kinds of impurities such as dead skin, leftover make up and dirt from the skin making it glow and able to breathe better. This product combines the properties of various natural elements to bring about an effective cleanser. One of these is the haluronic acid which hydrates the skin thereby softening it. The amino acids on the other hand, actively help in renewing skin cells while the antioxidants remove all kinds of free radicals thus protecting the skin against damage. These properties, in addition to the mild nature of the product make it ideal for all kinds of skin.


  • Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz Leaves a pure complexion by removing dirt and makeup leftover
  • Has antibacterial and soothing properties that polish and purify one's complexion.
  • Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz is  mild and can be used on even the most sensitive of skins.
  • It washes off dead skin without harming the skin.
  •  It enhances the penetration of products after cleaning.
  • Leaves the skin nourished and glowing by eliminating acne, dark spots and pigmentation.
  •  It prevents harmful sun rays from damaging the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Some of the key ingredients of Alex Cosmetic Pure BB Cream 1oz include  haluronic acid, which is essential for skin hydration; peptides, which contains amino acids that are powerful for drastically transforming the skin; as well as antioxidants, that aid in the renewal of healthy cells and act as a skin bodyguard. 

How to Use:
To apply it, emulsify the product in lukewarm water and knead it gently onto the skin around the face and neck. Continue massaging the skin until it penetrates. Next, rinse away the cleanser with some warm water before drying the area with a soft cloth.