About page for the Qtica.

If you have been looking for the most effective beauty products, you are about to find just that. Zoya and Michael Reyzis founded Art of Beauty, a unique salon and spa in 1986. The couple shared a vision of making the most efficient products for hands, feet, and nails. The idea evolved from a tiny nail salon and ultimately grew to a large spa that focuses on skin care, natural nails, and alternative herbal treatments from Europe.

After launching some 30 years ago, the outfit has now grown into a premier manufacturer of top and effective beauty products ever manufactured. Some of their most respected brands are Qtica, Zoya, Zoom, and Smart Spa.

Originally a classical piano artist in Russia, Zoya achieved her license in cosmetology in 1979. She and her husband had just relocated to the United States at the time. Since pianist jobs were not as frequent as she imagined, she had to look for an alternative career. Her cosmetology expertise offered her the start of a new career. Her determination, passion, hard work, and love for natural ingredients that are healthy and of high quality helped her.

People started expressing interest in the beauty products. Soon, she faced huge demand for her brands, which motivated her to work even harder. Her husband, Michael was an advanced chemist, having studied and practiced the same in Russia. He responded to his wife’s requests of developing and patenting unique hand, feet, and nail care products. These include shampoo, anti wrinkle treatments and conditioners for the fledgling salon and spa.

Michael revolutionized the nail industry by developing the longest wearing natural nail polish that is toxin free. With a couple of other hitherto undiscovered raw materials, he manufactured the world’s first fast drying nail topcoat. The beauty industry had taken note of the positive development.

Presently, Michael, Zoya, and their colleagues at the Art of Beauty Salon create high quality products for their customers. Additionally, other professional spas and salons contract them to manufacture these brands for them. Superior quality, high value, and convenience are the leading inspirations at Qtica and Art of Beauty.

 The salon has developed brands such as QTICA Treatments, ZOYA Nail Lacquers, and QTICA SMART SPA. In fact, Art of Beauty is the first spa to remove toxic elements from formulations. Examples of these are camphor, toluene, formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). This way, the salon guarantees wellness and health of consumers of these beauty products.

Anyone can access and order the products from the company’s website. Examples of these include a lip balm called QTICA Intense Overnight Lip Repair Bam and a nail care product called Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator. Other products under the Qtica line of nail care brand include Intense Cuticle Repair Balm, Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, Extending Top Coat, and Solid Gold Cuticle Oil.

Leading brands for caring for feet include a foot peel formula and intense foot repair balm. In the same category, consumers will find the Intense Hydrating Therapy lotion. All these products are geared at maintaining the natural health of customer’s feet and are ideal for both women and men. You can find a number of hand care products simply by browsing the website. Examples are Qtica Hand Peel and Qtica Extending Top Coat among others.