About Bioelements


25 years of proven results

Over 20 years, Bioelements Professional Skin Care offers the best and top quality products that will enhance the skin appearance and health of the skin. It uses innovative dermatological technologies and advanced research to create the skin care products. Bioelements has created revolutionary anti-aging treatments and products that offer remarkable results.

Estheticians have been committed to Bioelements for over 25 years. Experts have been awarded, and clients have loved Bioelements for the same period too. Bioelements is devoted to offering spa quality products for their loyal clients-the skin care professionals. Prior to Bioelements developing the anti-aging professional facial products, they were working on an innovative professional educational system. The educational program was started in 1985 by Barbara Salomone. Barbara revolutionized the professional skin industry by opening her first centre of advanced learning. Word about her advanced learning centre spread quickly. Bioelements become the recognized learning centre on the latest professional techniques, skin care treatments and ingredients breakthrough.

Despite the successful enrollment and the breakthrough, Salome was not satisfied. She had the desire to create a professional skin care line that is customizable to the various skin types. She wanted to pursue different treatment options without any limitations. It is this idea that inspired the birth of Bioelements. The agenda was to offer estheticians with treatments and programs that would make a major difference in the varying skin types among individuals. With every facial product they make, the product performance is tested and backed up by results About Barbara Salomone, The President and Founder of Bioelements Barbara Salomone is the CEO and founder of Bioelements. She is among the first estheticians to be licensed. She continues to be on the forefront in the development of facial products. She is often referred to as the “architect of the modern facial”.

According to Barbara, the word “pro’ is most misrepresented in the beauty industry. Most people in the industry call themselves pros. However, Bioelements fits the pro title as it is a real thing. Bioelements consumers get the same results and effective product performance regardless if they use at home or in the spa. Bioelements are committed to offering high levels of potent and effective ingredients. In addition, the manufacturers utilize the best science and nature in their line of production. Only when the product is good enough for the skin and offers excellent and tangible results that Bioelements releases the facial products to the consumer.