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Epicuren Moisturizers

epicuren discovery moisturizers and lotions

Epicuren Discovery's Natural Moisturizers- Your skin is the largest organ of your body, making it one of the most important to care for on a regular basis. Epicuren Discovery offers a natural moisturizer line free from chemical interaction. They work with specialized chemists to keep harmful fragrances, colorants and alcohol out of the manufacturing process. Instead, Epicuren Discovery looks for natural outlets for the best ingredients. Fruits as varied as apricots and avocados are used for their oils and vitamins. The base for many moisturizers is aloe vera, making it a special plant ingredient to give you the softest skin ever.

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Epicuren Moisturizers


There are also Epicuren Moisturizers targeted specifically to helping combat and prevent signs of aging, although any hydration is great for aging skin, so feel free to use any other moisturizers in the collection as well.  As you can see, some of the Epicuren Moisturizers come in various forms as well, such as serums, creams, and gels. By using natural fruits and plant extracts, Epicuren Discovery actually encourages faster healing of cuts and blemishes. Vitamins A, C and E work in harmony for a soft and supple skin tone.


                All of Epicuren Moisturizers are completely made up of all natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals found in other moisturizers and skincare products. As an example, some of the ingredients you will find in the Epicuren Moisturizers include aloe vera, apricot, avocado, and various vitamins. Epicuren was founded originally to help treat burn victims recover and repair from skin damage. Based off of the results they found, Epicuren decided to take their knowledge and experience, and expand their market to treat average, every day skin problems.


Hydrate Your Skin and Soak Up Some Epicuren Moisturizers


                All of the Epicuren Moisturizers can be found at SkincareByAlana. You can also find the rest of the Epicuren skincare line on the website, along with other natural, chemical free skincare products. Right now the website is offering free gifts of Epicuren products on certain purchases. One of these gifts includes the Epicuren Lave Cleanser with a $30 purchase. No matter what you pick out, there is no need to worry about paying for shipping. All U.S. orders from the website are shipped free of charge.




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