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Preventing & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged Hair

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Protecting & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged Hair | Skincare by Alana | Haircare | Hair Care | Summertime | Argan Oil | Macadamia Oil | Heat | Styling | Nourshing | SPF | UPF

It’s no secret that the sun can wreak havoc on our skin, causing an array of issues from sun burns, to dark spots, to skin cancer. And so, we cover up! But how many of you are taking steps to protect your hair as well? The sun can dry your hair out, causing it to feel brittle, and even making it prone to breakage! And of course if you chemically lighten it during the summer, you are inviting in more damage. But there are many steps we can take to keep our do’s looking beautiful and fresh well into fall. Are you ready for it?

square Preventing & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged Hair

Protecting Your Hair From The Summer Sun

DermOrganic Sulfate Free Protecting Repairing Summer Sun Damage Preventing & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged HairGo Sulfate Free - Sulfates work to break down grease in the hair, making dirty and oil easy to wash away. However, it also tends to break down your hair’s natural oils, which can cause it to dry out. Having natural oils means naturally beautiful hair! So, which sulfate free Shampoo/Conditioner combo do I use? I flock to DermOrganic! All of their products are argan-oil infused and sulfate free.

Glo Essentials Extreme Heat Protecting Serum Skincare by Alana Protecting Repairing Summer Sun Damage Preventing & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged HairProtect Yourself From The Heat – Using hot tools to style your hair can produce a fabulous finish, but it also causes damage that is irreversible. I always recommend using a heat-protecting spray or serum. One of my personal favorites is Glo-Essentials Extreme Heat-Protecting Serum. It gives you a double dose, strengthening and protecting your hair against the heat of your hot tools, as well as environmental damage!

Sexy Hair Reinvent Color Care Treatment Skincare by Alana Protecting Repairing Summer Sun Damage Preventing & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged HairSlather On The SPF - Nowadays we have products that can deliver SPF to our hair without using sunscreen, which can be greasy and cause build-up in your hair. I am a huge fan of Sexy Hair’s Reinvent Color Care Treatment. Not only does this fabulous treatment protect your hair from the sun, it also makes it incredibly soft! You may use this product even if you hair is not color treated. Another alternative would be the chemical-free Saving Face Sun Cover. This fun cover up looks like a scarf, but delivers UPF 50 protection. I love that it is lightweight, breathable, and comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns. This is definitely always in my summer bag!

DermOrganic Argan Oil Masque Conditioner Skincare by Alana Protecting Repair Summer Sun Damage1 Preventing & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged HairDeep Condition - This is yet another thing that should be done year-round! I like setting aside one day a week to deep condition my hair [though this will vary from person to person, depending on the oiliness or dryness of your natural hair]. Again, I turn to DermOrganic for their Argan Oil Masque Conditioner. This deep conditioner can be used as ofter or as little as needed, and is safe for daily use.

Moroccan Agadir Miracle Oil Skincare by Alana Protecting Repairing Summer Sun Damage Preventing & Repairing Summer Sun Damaged HairEmbrace Leave In Oils – I am a huge huge fan of leave in oils for your hair. My top three favorites are DermOrganic’s Argan Oil Leave In TreatmentMoroccan Agadir Miracle Oil, and Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment. All three of these are sure to leave your hair soft, shiny, nourished, and smelling absolutely fabulous!

Wear A Hat – This is the absolute best way to protect your hair from the sun. Have fun with it, hats can be a super fun accessory to spice up your summer style.



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