Goodbye January… Hello February! Lets Keep Those Resolutions.

Can you believe that the first month of 2013 has already come to its close? It seriously amazes [and stuns] me how quickly time seems to fly by, and I am sure I’m not alone when it comes to forgetting a few of the little things. When it comes to having beautiful, the little things count. And I want to help you stick to your “beautiful skin resolution” past January and into the second month of 2013: February! Are you ready for it?

Our Resolutions in Review

XTREME CREAM CUT 22 Goodbye January... Hello February! Lets Keep Those Resolutions.How many of you pledged to wear sunscreen on a regular basis in 2013? Well, the good news is: its never too late to start. And for those of you that haven’t found the “perfect one” just yet, don’t fret. I have some fabulous recommendations for you! If you want something you can incorporate into your daily beauty routine, there are many options to choose from. Many of which come from some of my absolute favorite brands. Epicuren has a variety of different sunscreens for different levels of SPF protection. I personally love the XTREME Cream, as it provides fabulous, sport-level protection, but goes on feeling like a light serum! Not many heavy-weight sunscreens can claim that. I also love ALL SPF moisturizers by both Image Skincare and Dermalogica. These have been proven to keep skin looking and feeling more youthful, and come in a variety of different formulas for your preference and skin type.

Screen Shot 2013 01 24 at 1.05.59 PM Goodbye January... Hello February! Lets Keep Those Resolutions.Have you been keeping your hot-tool use to a minimum since ringing in the new year? I know many people who are easily guilty of skipping this resolution in favor for perfect hair. If you must use the hot tools, at least provide your hair with the proper protection. I have recently fallen in love with all things DermOrganic, but particularly recommend their Argan Oil Masque Conditioner and Argan Oil Leave In Treatment. I personally use these products and absolutely love the results I have obtained. My hair is softer and shinier, without that oily feel. And yes, I can still use my hot tools [in moderation] guilt-free. My favorite part? These products are incredibly cost effective – so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

janmarinibioglycolicsunlessself tanner2 Goodbye January... Hello February! Lets Keep Those Resolutions.I am hoping all of you have stuck to your “no sun-tan” resolutions. I know that the winter months can make us feel a little bit “pasty” and “pale”, but you absolutely do not need the sun or a tanning booth to obtain a beautiful summer glow. If you are still reluctant to try out sunless tanners, so some research on one of my favorites: Jan Marini’s BioGlycolic Sunless Self Tanner. This is always the first sunless tanning product I will recommend to anyone. Simply because it works with the natural pigments in your skin to create a natural looking glow. No orange, no mess. Just naturally tan looking skin.

youngblood luminous cream blush Goodbye January... Hello February! Lets Keep Those Resolutions.In my original “New Years Resolutions” post, I talked about switching to a more natural makeup alternative. For those of you that have made the switch: doesn’t your skin feel great?! And do those of you that haven’t: what are you waiting for? Some of my favorite mineral makeup brands include: YoungBlood, La Bella Donna, and GloMinerals. And not only have I seen my skin improve through using these products, they work just as well if not better than your traditional drugstore brands. Yes, it is an investment. But isn’t your skin worth it?


February is here! But that does not mean we have to let go of our January resolutions. Keep up the great work and stay beautiful. And, of course, stay tuned for exciting Valentines Day posts!



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